Art direction

Giving back to your fans

How do you celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a world leading dance label and invite the fans to party in style? We aided Size Records and Rebel Studios in their mission to give away 100 of their

Explore nature

How do you preserve, protect, and promote the nation’s national parks? To aide Nature Valley in this noble quest, Your Majesty brought the parks to the people by creating the first platform to use

Marrying high-end audio & luxury fashion

How do we reintroduce a legendary audio brand, with a new sub-brand, in the context of personalization and style? We created a product experience to introduce Pryma as the premiere brand

Cavalier challenge

As part of Your Majesty’s R&D practice, we launched a platform combining the very latest in digital technology with the original aesthetic we’re known for.

Enabling urban explorers

How do you create local excitement about the launch of a global shoe line? For the launch of the NMD shoe, adidas engaged Your Majesty to build nine interactive LED cube installations to

Rethinking the gift of music

Twenty years ago, a record album was the perfect present. How can the world’s largest music company bring back that magic in the streaming era? Through a brand-new product that combines the