Creative strategy

A perfect day in New York

How do we create journeys that inspire people to customize and share their idea of a perfect day in New York? In collaboration with Gotham Beauty and Maybelline we created a suite of solutions

The end of social media?

How do we challenge the idea of life without social media? Based on an original concept by Geoffrey Lillemon and the Stööki art collective we helped realize a web based social media art project

Promoting shoes socially

How can an iconic athletic brand form deep, meaningful, enduring relationships on social media? With a smart social strategy and some powerful creative, Your Majesty helped to strengthen the

Creating a media conference hub

How do you merge two distinct media conference presenters into a single system? Your Majesty built a custom platform that brings all NYT and IHT conferences into a central, cohesive,

Sharing a new identity, globally

How do you convince those who know you best that you’ve got a new identity? Netflix partnered with Your Majesty to create an online experience showcasing its new positioning to employees and

Inspiring connections & responsibility

How do we use social media, celebrity and an event to help rally support, drive donations and bolster awareness for a good cause? Your Majesty built a virtual stadium to promote ownership and